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Hold your breath longer - underwater

I Increased My Breath Hold By 165% – How To Hold Your Breath Longer.

Whether you are a surfer, free diver, or just like to push your body to its full potential, having a long breath hold is a much sought after skill.

Being able to hold your breath longer helps you to stay calm while being held under in the surf, it can allow you do go deeper and stay on the bottom longer when spear fishing, and it can help to increase your aerobic abilities in sports. (more…)

Travelling - why I travel

6 Ingenious Ways To Make Money While Travelling.

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Getting paid to travel the world.

It certainly did for me and it was something I dreamt of regularly after returning from my first overseas trip to Thailand in 2007.

But how would I get paid to travel the world? I wasn’t a travel show host, I didn’t work for The Lonely Planet and my voice didn’t sound quite as interesting as David Attenborough’s did. (more…)