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What is lifestyle Design - rooftop

What Is Lifestyle Design And Who Are The New Rich?

45 years…

That is the standard amount of time we are expected to slave to the man before we retire and do the things we truly want to do. In other words – actually live life.

So if you follow social expectance from childhood you will finish high school, maybe take a few months to travel as fast as you can on a Contiki tour, graduate university at 22, get a safe job and climb the corporate ladder, take 2 measly weeks holiday a year (if you aren’t too stressed about next years workload), repeat for 45 years, retire at 67 and then finally enjoy your golden years from the comfort of an arm chair, if you live that long – my Dad made 58. (more…)

Staying fit while travelling - fit hike

The Nomadic Body – Staying Fit While Travelling.

Staying fit while travelling.

As the avid lifestyle designer you are, I can almost guarantee that travel and fitness are high on your priority list but as we all know, combining the two can be quite the task.

In a world where drinking every night can become normality, getting up with a killer hangover and forcing yourself through a gruelling training session is near impossible. Not to mention the fact that you may not even come across a gym on your trip.

Before you realise it you’ve returned home from your epic adventure with a hard-earned beer gut and barely the strength to curl anything more then a pint to your ever-thirsty mouth. (more…)

10 Brilliant Tips On Packing For Long-Term Travel.

It can be a daunting sight as you look at the piles of clothing, cameras, shoes, accessories and documents spread out on your bed and then to the little backpack that you intend to fit it all into.

Overpacking and packing the wrong things is a far too common occurrence and it’s usually at the expense of your wallet and your back.

But fear no more, your back will be rested, your trip run smoothly and you will be a travel god among mere mortals if you follow these 10 simple tips to save you time, space and energy when packing for long-term travel. (more…)

This is your life - Grand Canyon

This Is Your Life – It’s Time To Start Fucking Living.

I’m going to do something a little differently in this post. Usually I write out a first draft, then edit it, rewrite it, edit it again, write another draft, scrap it, start over and on and on until I have something I like and that makes sense.

But this time I’m going to let you see the first draft of a piece I wrote yesterday. In all its sloppiness, spelling mistakes, bad grammar, curses and misused punctuation because in its rawest form, I think it conveys the clearest message. Grammar nazis beware!

It’s a wake up call – one that we all need to hear and questions we all need to ask. (more…)

Söderåsen National Park - Feature

How To Visit Söderåsen National Park

Being an outdoors guy that likes to climb can be hard when the city you are living in is flatter than a pancake. Copenhagen is my home for the summer and while I love the city and biking through the flat streets, my need be amongst the clouds is an ever present itch that has to be scratched.

With a highest point of 170m, Denmark is as smooth as honey. While the nation with the happiest people in the world certainly makes up for its lack of altitude with culture, architecture, baked goods, parties, beer, and some of the best pork in the world, it’s closely situated neighbouring countries provide the mountains that Denmark is missing.

To get my adventure fix, my friend and I spent the day hiking Söderåsen National Park in the South of Sweden. (more…)