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Travelling and running - feature image

Does Travelling Mean You Are Running From Something?

When people hear that I have been actively travelling for 10 years they usually react in one of three ways.

The first may be something along the lines of admiration. Questions like “What’s your favourite place?” or “How do you afford it?” and “Where are you travelling next?” ensue.

This reaction leads to a great conversation for both of us and I hear of all the travelling desires and adventures they have planned out. I love discussing a passion such as travel with someone. (more…)

September Monthly lifestyle design report

Lifestyle Design Report – September 2015.

Absolute transparency and real-life experience is something that I pride myself on creating for The Lifestyle Empire. I believe that if I am honest and provide as much value as possible for you, then this will result in a huge improvement in the quality of your life.

Therefore, this will be the first in a series of reports that I will publish every month summarising my progress on my journey of lifestyle design. I am doing this to not only keep track of my accomplishments but also to record the setbacks and failures that I am going to encounter more often than not. In other words – I will be the lifestyle guinea pig and you can apply what works and avoid what doesn’t. (more…)