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Bickpacking feature

What The Hell Is Bikepacking? – A Guide And Gear List.

“What the hell is bikepacking?” I asked myself when I stumbled across this odd word while researching for my upcoming adventure to Iceland.

Although not a new activity this portmanteau (big words for big kids) is certainly a new word and making it’s way into the mainstream of adventure lingo. Combining “biking” and “backpacking” it perfectly describes the act of long distance cycling through backcountry tracks and roads that one would otherwise hike over.

Although I didn’t know it at the time I was already planning my own bikepacking adventure and quickly incorporated the term into my vocabulary – much to the confusion of my friends.

As much for my own purposes as it will hopefully be for yours, this article is going to be a break down why you should go bikepacking and give you a complete list of everything you need to go on your first, or next bikepacking adventure. (more…)