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Changing your life - Victory Pose

Changing Your Life.

When we think of someone changing their life we usually think of someone in a bad situation that turns things around. A person struggling financially becoming wealthy. Someone miserable in their job quitting and doing what they have always wanted. An overweight person taking back control of their health.

While these are extreme and amazing examples, I want to emphasize the fact that things don’t have to be broken to be fixed. We don’t have to wait for total loss of control in an area before we start to better it. (more…)

Get Busy Livin' - life motivation

Life Motivation – Get Busy Livin’

Not a lot of people would know this about me but every morning, as I am going about my routine and getting ready for the day ahead I listen to motivational videos on Youtube.

If someone is around I wear headphones and if I am alone I listen to them out loud – really loud. My new room mate came home the other day while I was doing laundry and of course I had the motivational speeches cranking on my laptop. (more…)