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Hiking Dog Mountain

Chasing Sunrise on Dog Mountain

It’s Sunday morning at 5am. You want to roll back over and say fuck it. You want stay in bed and return to dream land, warm yet wasting what could have been.

Instead you drag your ass out of bed, splash some water on your face and run out the door to catch a ride with a new mate, cheers Jonathan Hutchings ūüĎä

You drive in the dark to a mountain top and from the shadows emerge 40 other crazy go-getters. Headlamps revealing their adventurous smiles and lighting the snowy path towards the peak. (more…)

Bickpacking feature

What The Hell Is Bikepacking? – A Guide And Gear List.

“What the hell is bikepacking?” I asked myself when I stumbled across this odd word while researching for my upcoming adventure to Iceland.

Although not a new activity this¬†portmanteau¬†(big words for big kids) is certainly a new word and making it’s way¬†into the mainstream of adventure lingo. Combining “biking” and “backpacking” it perfectly describes the act of long distance cycling through backcountry tracks and roads that one would otherwise hike over.

Although I didn’t know it at the time I was already planning my own¬†bikepacking adventure and quickly incorporated the term into my vocabulary – much to the confusion¬†of my friends.

As much for my own purposes as it will hopefully be for yours, this article is¬†going to be a¬†break down why you should go bikepacking and¬†give you a complete list of everything you need to go on your first, or next bikepacking adventure. (more…)

Stand Up Paddle Board - lake

Stand Up Paddle Board Hiking to Lake Garibaldi – Why Not?

Hiking and stand up paddle boarding are not activities that usually go together. Paddle boards are long, cumbersome and would be nearly impossible to manoeuvre through the trees during a hike unless you walked through a field. Not to mention the fact that less is more when it comes to weight.

This was the case for my friends and I until last weekend when we set off on our first stand up paddle board hiking adventure. Yes, it is a mouthful to say but the possibilities this new form of adventure open up are endless and exciting.

Here is the story on how we may have became the first people to stand up paddle board on Lake Garibaldi. (more…)

Mt Cheam Summit

Hiking Guide – The Snowy Summits Of Mt Cheam.

It had always been our intention to hike to the summit of Crown Mountain just North of Vancouver but a last-minute snow condition warning had us opt for another route.

The day before, my friend Matt had been riding his motorbike along a dirt track past Chilliwack and spotted what looked like a hike-able peak and suggested we do that instead. So with a last-minute decision we chose to hike Mt Cheam and see what adventures we could find.

Söderåsen National Park - Feature

How To Visit Söderåsen National Park

Being an outdoors guy that likes to climb can be hard when the city you are living in is flatter than a pancake. Copenhagen is my home for the summer and while I love the city and biking through the flat streets, my need be amongst the clouds is an ever present itch that has to be scratched.

With a highest point of 170m, Denmark is as smooth as honey. While the nation with the happiest people in the world certainly makes up for its lack of altitude with culture, architecture, baked goods, parties, beer, and some of the best pork in the world, it’s closely situated neighbouring countries provide the mountains that Denmark is missing.

To get my adventure fix, my friend and I spent the day¬†hiking¬†S√∂der√•sen National Park in the South of Sweden. (more…)