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Stand Up Paddle Board - lake

Stand Up Paddle Board Hiking to Lake Garibaldi – Why Not?

Hiking and stand up paddle boarding are not activities that usually go together. Paddle boards are long, cumbersome and would be nearly impossible to manoeuvre through the trees during a hike unless you walked through a field. Not to mention the fact that less is more when it comes to weight.

This was the case for my friends and I until last weekend when we set off on our first stand up paddle board hiking adventure. Yes, it is a mouthful to say but the possibilities this new form of adventure open up are endless and exciting.

Here is the story on how we may have became the first people to stand up paddle board on Lake Garibaldi. (more…)

Marathon Running

Minimalistic Marathon – My Quest To Break 3 Hours.

After completing my first marathon in honour of my late father, I swore I would never do one again. It hurt too much, it was too far, training took up too much time and basically I was emotionally drained from the ordeal I had just gone through.

Fast forward 7 years and there I was lining up at the start of my second marathon. Once again running for someone I love – my niece Sienna who had just been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma – and also a little fitness goal that had been niggling inside me the last few years. I wanted to run a sub 3 hour marathon!

The ensuing article takes a look inside my training regime, preperation and what went right and wrong on race day and the lead up to it. (more…)

Staying fit while travelling - fit hike

The Nomadic Body – Staying Fit While Travelling.

Staying fit while travelling.

As the avid lifestyle designer you are, I can almost guarantee that travel and fitness are high on your priority list but as we all know, combining the two can be quite the task.

In a world where drinking every night can become normality, getting up with a killer hangover and forcing yourself through a gruelling training session is near impossible. Not to mention the fact that you may not even come across a gym on your trip.

Before you realise it you’ve returned home from your epic adventure with a hard-earned beer gut and barely the strength to curl anything more then a pint to your ever-thirsty mouth. (more…)

Hold your breath longer - underwater

I Increased My Breath Hold By 165% – How To Hold Your Breath Longer.

Whether you are a surfer, free diver, or just like to push your body to its full potential, having a long breath hold is a much sought after skill.

Being able to hold your breath longer helps you to stay calm while being held under in the surf, it can allow you do go deeper and stay on the bottom longer when spear fishing, and it can help to increase your aerobic abilities in sports. (more…)