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The Mindset Project

The Mindset Project

Super excited to share this podcast interview I did with Ryan Waight of The Mindset Project. Very honoured to be a guest and loved the conversations we had.

We get into the nitty gritty of Lifestyle Design, extended world travel, why and how I have been travelling for 12 years and a whole, whole lot more.

Thanks to Ryan for having me on the podcast and I will be holding you to that backpacking adventure promise!


Changing your life - Victory Pose

Changing Your Life.

When we think of someone changing their life we usually think of someone in a bad situation that turns things around. A person struggling financially becoming wealthy. Someone miserable in their job quitting and doing what they have always wanted. An overweight person taking back control of their health.

While these are extreme and amazing examples, I want to emphasize the fact that things don’t have to be broken to be fixed. We don’t have to wait for total loss of control in an area before we start to better it. (more…)

September Monthly lifestyle design report

Lifestyle Design Report – September 2015.

Absolute transparency and real-life experience is something that I pride myself on creating for The Lifestyle Empire. I believe that if I am honest and provide as much value as possible for you, then this will result in a huge improvement in the quality of your life.

Therefore, this will be the first in a series of reports that I will publish every month summarising my progress on my journey of lifestyle design. I am doing this to not only keep track of my accomplishments but also to record the setbacks and failures that I am going to encounter more often than not. In other words – I will be the lifestyle guinea pig and you can apply what works and avoid what doesn’t. (more…)

What is lifestyle Design - rooftop

What Is Lifestyle Design And Who Are The New Rich?

45 years…

That is the standard amount of time we are expected to slave to the man before we retire and do the things we truly want to do. In other words – actually live life.

So if you follow social expectance from childhood you will finish high school, maybe take a few months to travel as fast as you can on a Contiki tour, graduate university at 22, get a safe job and climb the corporate ladder, take 2 measly weeks holiday a year (if you aren’t too stressed about next years workload), repeat for 45 years, retire at 67 and then finally enjoy your golden years from the comfort of an arm chair, if you live that long – my Dad made 58. (more…)

This is your life - Grand Canyon

This Is Your Life – It’s Time To Start Fucking Living.

I’m going to do something a little differently in this post. Usually I write out a first draft, then edit it, rewrite it, edit it again, write another draft, scrap it, start over and on and on until I have something I like and that makes sense.

But this time I’m going to let you see the first draft of a piece I wrote yesterday. In all its sloppiness, spelling mistakes, bad grammar, curses and misused punctuation because in its rawest form, I think it conveys the clearest message. Grammar nazis beware!

It’s a wake up call – one that we all need to hear and questions we all need to ask. (more…)