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The Mindset Project

The Mindset Project

Super excited to share this podcast interview I did with Ryan Waight of The Mindset Project. Very honoured to be a guest and loved the conversations we had.

We get into the nitty gritty of Lifestyle Design, extended world travel, why and how I have been travelling for 12 years and a whole, whole lot more.

Thanks to Ryan for having me on the podcast and I will be holding you to that backpacking adventure promise!


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How To Travel Sri Lanka On $40 A Day And Live It Up.

Sri Lanka, for all its beauty and amazing travel opportunities, has been one of the most affordable countries I have had the pleasure of exploring.

If it’s not on your travel destination list yet then I strongly urge you to read this article to see why you should visit Sri Lanka and do it sooner rather than later.

It is possible to travel Sri Lanka on as little as US$10 a day and I have even heard of people doing it less than that. This way of travelling, while still providing amazing opportunities, left a lot of places and experiences out because of their cost.

The purpose of this article though is not to show you the cheapest way to travel Sri Lanka but rather let you experience everything you want to do, while still maintaining a low-budget.

If surfing, mountaintop sunrises, mouth-watering food, mingling with the friendliest locals and exploring ancient temples and ruins for less than $40 a day sounds like something you want to know more about then read on. (more…)

10 Brilliant Tips On Packing For Long-Term Travel.

It can be a daunting sight as you look at the piles of clothing, cameras, shoes, accessories and documents spread out on your bed and then to the little backpack that you intend to fit it all into.

Overpacking and packing the wrong things is a far too common occurrence and it’s usually at the expense of your wallet and your back.

But fear no more, your back will be rested, your trip run smoothly and you will be a travel god among mere mortals if you follow these 10 simple tips to save you time, space and energy when packing for long-term travel. (more…)

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6 Ingenious Ways To Make Money While Travelling.

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Getting paid to travel the world.

It certainly did for me and it was something I dreamt of regularly after returning from my first overseas trip to Thailand in 2007.

But how would I get paid to travel the world? I wasn’t a travel show host, I didn’t work for The Lonely Planet and my voice didn’t sound quite as interesting as David Attenborough’s did. (more…)

15 Ways To Save Money For Travel.

What would you do if money was no object?

I ask that question to lot of people and usually in the top 3 responses is travel, and quite often for an extended period of time.

Although it’s possible to travel on pennies, money is an ever present issue to get where you want to go, and do what you want to do.

Fortunately you can save A LOT of money fast by applying the following guidelines to your life, and be ready for your adventure with a pocket full of cold hard cash. (more…)