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Get Busy Livin' - life motivation

Life Motivation – Get Busy Livin’

Not a lot of people would know this about me but every morning, as I am going about my routine and getting ready for the day ahead I listen to motivational videos on Youtube.

If someone is around I wear headphones and if I am alone I listen to them out loud – really loud. My new room mate came home the other day while I was doing laundry and of course I had the motivational speeches cranking on my laptop.

I thought about turning it off as it is kind of awkward to have someone around while you get pumped for life with a huge load of laundry in your arms – but I decided to let it play for a while.

After a few minutes I said “Sorry for the motivational stuff but this is kind of what I do each day haha (insert awkward laugh).”

To which she replied “No, I’m listening… I like it.”

It got me thinking that maybe I should share these videos with more people. Surely we could all do with a little stimulus (that isn’t coffee) to get us in the right mindset to crush the upcoming day/week/workout/meeting/ etc.

It was from this brief exchange that I decided to start this thread of posts each and every Friday. They will be a simple 3 – 10 minute video that gets me excited to get busy livin’ and I will post them Friday because to me that is when the week begins. 48 hours to do whatever you want with whoever you want and take that excitement into the work week with you.

Listen to it as you make breakfast, walk around the house nude, shower, workout, if you are feeling flat or unmotivated, doing laundry – whenever you want. Just listen to it and do it frequently! The energy around you will change – trust me.

Now, onto the first video…

Let me know in the comments below when and where you listened to this and how it made you feel.

But most importantly get out there and get busy livin’!


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