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6 Ingenious Ways To Make Money While Travelling.

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Getting paid to travel the world.

It certainly did for me and it was something I dreamt of regularly after returning from my first overseas trip to Thailand in 2007.

But how would I get paid to travel the world? I wasn’t a travel show host, I didn’t work for The Lonely Planet and my voice didn’t sound quite as interesting as David Attenborough’s did.

It wasn’t until a year later that I changed my perspective and realised that instead of focussing on getting paid to travel, I could simply make money WHILE travelling the world.

As I have found, it’s easy to make money while you are travelling.

Here are 6 Ingenious ways to make money while travelling the world.

1. Get a Working Holiday Visa.

A lot of countries in the world offer a Working Holiday Make money while travelling - VisaProgram for people aged 18-31 (sometimes 35). Applications are straight forward and are inexpensive considering you can make that money back as soon as you are working.

Most countries allow you to work for 6-12 months and you can continue with a job you are experienced in, or go for something completely new. Now you can travel your country of choice then get a job and start working when your funds run low.

I have currently used Working Holiday Visas to make money while travelling for 4 years in Canada and for 1 in Denmark.

2. Take Your Job Online and Work Remotely.

If your job is one that you can do from a computer then all you need to do is negotiate with your boss to work remotely. (For a step by step guide on how to do this check out Tim Ferriss’s brilliant book The 4 Hour Work Week).

With the internet there is nothing you can do from your office that you couldn’t do with a WiFi connection next to a pool in Indonesia. If your boss doesn’t want to let you go then maybe it’s time to let him go. Take your skills online and freelance from wherever you are in the world.

If you think that traditionally your profession doesn’t require a computer, maybe it’s time to get creative and think outside of the box.

I’m a Personal Trainer and while I still do in-person sessions, I also have clients that I train and design programs for online. Allowing me to make money from wherever I want to be.

The possibilities are endless – what will you think of?

3. Become a WWOOFer.

Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WOOF) is a network of organisations that provide food, accommodation, and a learning environment in exchange for a few hours work a day. Although most are volunteer based, if you search well you will find a few that offer a wage.

There are 99 countries that provide opportunities for WWOOFers to take part in their programs and they last from days to a few months or more.

Of the many benefits of WWOOFing, being able to escape the tourist tracks and experience another dimension of the country is a fantastic opportunity. In countries like Australia it is almost a necessity to spend time WWOOFing to be eligible for a second year Working Holiday Visa.

Even if you can’t get a paid WOOFing job, having the ability to spend minimal money while continuing your travels is a huge perk.

4. Work in Hostels.

Make monet while travelling - Hostels
If you are sticking to a budget then you will be spending the majority of time staying in hostels. So why not work while you are there?

Hostels offer jobs such as cleaning, bar tending, reception and managerial roles that at the least score you free accommodation and a meal a day. While at the higher end get you free booze and a monthly salary.

I started bar tending at a hostel in Peru to save on expenses, but after a month I was asked to be the bar manager. The perks of this promotion scored me not only free accommodation in my own room and a bigger discount on drinks but I was also paid a percentage of the sales each month. This not only minimised my spending even further but allowed me to save money towards the next leg of my trip.

Most of the time experience is not necessary and as long as you have a good attitude and are willing to learn, you can score a job very easily. If all else fails take the hostel owner out for a night on the town and get him to agree to giving you a job when you are both drunk and best friends.

5. Work at a Seasonal Resort.

make money while travelling - Resort


Just before high season hits in resorts, employers are on the search for new employees to train and gain experience before the peak arrives. Take advantage of this and enquire online and in person during the shoulder seasons while you are travelling.

Opportunities to make money while travelling by working on island resorts, mountain peaks, and Mediterranean yachts are available world-wide and big money can be made while enjoying the high season. You will be working full-time and long hours so down time can be minimal but the pay off of walking away with a bank account full of travel money makes it well worth your while.

Some people repeat this process for years at a time.

6. Be Creative.

Your ability to make money while travelling is only limited to what you allow yourself to see as a boundary. There are thousands of different and unconventional ways to make a buck while on the road.

Busk, dance, sell your photography, build websites, be a flight attendant, tour guide, fix electronics, sell jewellery, set up a stall in a market, fix cars, start a blog, affiliate market, teach yoga, offer haircuts or help someone in their garden.

One of the more creative ways I have heard was by a girl who would approach local businesses and negotiate a deal for a percentage of sales from the people she would bring to their store. Once the deal was agreed upon she would speak to people in her hostel and around town and take them to the stores. The people got a good deal on a package, the owners were happy with the extra business and she made enough cash to continue travelling.

Make money while travelling and never look back.

As you can see the options to make money while travelling are endless and we have only started to scratch the surface. While some of the points mentioned require preparation before jet-setting off, most you can start once you are under way. The important thing is to start.

Over to you guys, what are some of the best ways you have made money while travelling?

– Dane.

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