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Söderåsen National Park - Feature

How To Visit Söderåsen National Park

Being an outdoors guy that likes to climb can be hard when the city you are living in is flatter than a pancake. Copenhagen is my home for the summer and while I love the city and biking through the flat streets, my need be amongst the clouds is an ever present itch that has to be scratched.

With a highest point of 170m, Denmark is as smooth as honey. While the nation with the happiest people in the world certainly makes up for its lack of altitude with culture, architecture, baked goods, parties, beer, and some of the best pork in the world, it’s closely situated neighbouring countries provide the mountains that Denmark is missing.

To get my adventure fix, my friend and I spent the day hiking Söderåsen National Park in the South of Sweden. (more…)

Salkantay trek - travelling and running

5 Simple Steps To Make Your Life An Adventure.

Have you ever been envious of someone for how they live their life?

You know the one, that person who is constantly doing exciting things and every photo you see of them they are summiting mountains, shaking hands with interesting people, at big events, and constantly smiling.

Don’t you just wish you could rub a magic lamp and a bit of their energy would transfer to you, so you could experience what it’s like to live a little more boldly?

The bad news is magic lamps don’t exist. But the good news – you don’t need one. (more…)

Hold your breath longer - underwater

I Increased My Breath Hold By 165% – How To Hold Your Breath Longer.

Whether you are a surfer, free diver, or just like to push your body to its full potential, having a long breath hold is a much sought after skill.

Being able to hold your breath longer helps you to stay calm while being held under in the surf, it can allow you do go deeper and stay on the bottom longer when spear fishing, and it can help to increase your aerobic abilities in sports. (more…)

Travelling - why I travel

6 Ingenious Ways To Make Money While Travelling.

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Getting paid to travel the world.

It certainly did for me and it was something I dreamt of regularly after returning from my first overseas trip to Thailand in 2007.

But how would I get paid to travel the world? I wasn’t a travel show host, I didn’t work for The Lonely Planet and my voice didn’t sound quite as interesting as David Attenborough’s did. (more…)

Distortion – Copenhagen’s Craziest Street Party.

Distortion – A Celebration of Street and Nightlife.

If erratic crowds, insane street parties, and an eclectic mix of music gets you excited then be sure to spend the first week of every June dancing it up in the streets of Copenhagen. Be prepared to drink through hangovers, survive on hotdogs (Pølse), and throw out your shoes as they will be unrecognisable come sunday. (more…)

15 Ways To Save Money For Travel.

What would you do if money was no object?

I ask that question to lot of people and usually in the top 3 responses is travel, and quite often for an extended period of time.

Although it’s possible to travel on pennies, money is an ever present issue to get where you want to go, and do what you want to do.

Fortunately you can save A LOT of money fast by applying the following guidelines to your life, and be ready for your adventure with a pocket full of cold hard cash. (more…)