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3 Steps To Living An Amazing Life.

Life well lived.

Live Your Life - Holstee Manifesto

It’s 7am and I’m sitting at gate A6 of the Salt Lake City Airport. I’m waiting to hear the boarding announcement for my plane back to Vancouver and I can’t get this question out of my head.

“Am I truly living my life? My life. Not my parent’s lives, not my teacher’s life, not somebody else’s expectations for how my life should be, but my life. Am I truly living MY life?” (more…)

15 ways to save money - detox

How I Hacked Nutrition – The Frugal Guide to Healthy Eating.

The Frugal Guide to Healthy Eating.

“WHAT!” I exclaimed as I read the price for a single avocado at my local Supermarket.

“$3.50 each. You’re kidding me.”

I placed the avocado back as I reminisced about the days I would spend $28 a week on groceries while saving for my next overseas adventure. Sacrificing the perks of eating out all the time for the life changing experience of long-term travel. (more…)